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Upright Script

 Working on a new style for wedding envelopes. A quicker hand with a marker so I can offer brides a budget conscious alternative to the dip pen. I call this one - Upright Script. It is based on copperplate but with no letter slant. It is a cursive style.

Just thought I would show where I do my work from. It is an old architect board that my dad got from United Airlines many many moons ago. On top of the flat table, I put a clear plexi board on a slight incline, just enough to fit a small light under it.

Remember the books of I spy? Well, I spy a fancy pig and Ralph the dog - these a covers for my ink wells that my kids made for me out of polymer clay.  I absolutely love having them with me. They make me smile. Just love those Muppets.

More later . . . must get some rest.


Christmas Cards 2013

Time to get the Christmas cards in the mail . . . a great opportunity to try out different nibs, new bottle of ink and a free form style. Going rogue . . . no lines no planning.
Thought this one would make Patrice smile, other than I spelled her name wrong :( Think I can blame it on auto correct?
Happy Holidays!!!


Wedding Design

A small design job for a couple.
Even little finished pieces take time to work out the details.


Contemporary Guestbooks

These paintings are a great, modern twist on the formal guestbook. The guests sign right on the painting. The finished projects gives the couple a wonderful piece of art for their home. Each painting is custom crafted for the couple.


Mr President

Did you know you can send a note to the Greetings Office and receive a greeting from the White House? 

What a great memento of your wedding date.


Escort Cards

Escort cards help lead your guests to their seat at your reception. This simple display of colors provides an elegant welcome for your guests. Keeping the cards in alphabetical order helps guests find their way quickly. The table number on the backside helps keep their name the center of attention.



 Just a quick chalk board to use with my calligraphy 
when I demonstrate on the street @ festivals and the like.



Found a fun way to warm up and complete a 'to-do' item on my list. I make a border with letters I need to work on or want to develop other ideas for. Makes a more decorative envelope for the recipient and gives me practice. Also played with creating a monogram for JLH - father-in-law.

This was done with a crow quill - which I have finally gotten some control over, it is a very flexible nib which is great for the heavy down stroke but challenging for the thins.


Book of Memory

007 by long village lettering
007, a photo by long village lettering on Flickr.
Uploaded some photos of a recent project. A large, Italian, hand-made book was purchased for a Book of Memory for a local non-profit. I put in several headers and then over 100 listings of donors.


Wedding Envelopes

 For most wedding jobs, I use this traditional layout for envelopes. It is a staggered indent that allows for the lines to lead the eye down to the next line of the address. I find this to be very pleasing!

However, this address was not going to work with a staggered layout. You see, the second line takes the FULL size of the envelope to fit in the "world's longest" address (and I still wound up having to abbreviate a word). My only solution was to write out the address and then center each line. Many calligraphers offer to center addresses, however after this job . . . well, there would have to be an extra charge to cover the extra time to center each line.


Calligraphy Envelope

Making progress . . . signed up for an exchange with the 
International Association of Master Penman, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting . . . 
I have the outer envelopes addressed; now, I need to work on enclosures.

Love the idea of writing formal copperplate on a diagonal. 

I think this would be beautiful for a wedding invitation!

 Even when the state does not fit on the line, the layout looks lovely split up.


Vintage Wedding Certificate

Another wonderful Gift idea!
This vintage certificate was purchased on line as a computer file. It can then be printed at home or at a print shop. Complete the certificate with hand calligraphy to match the script. Sure to be a treasured keepsake!


Fresh Idea

Looking for a fresh idea for your program? and one that is environmentally friendly? and one that becomes a treasured keepsake? This large, program was used at the entrance so that guests knew what to expect and then was taken to the reception and signed by all the guests. The couple was able to frame it for their new home to remember their special wedding day and all who wish them happiness!


Wedding Invitations

Looking for a calligrapher for your wedding? 

I enjoy helping brides give a stunning first impression of their wedding day. 
Calligraphy can add a final touch on your wedding invitations.



Wedding Season

Here is the long of it - 
check out the city and state combo!

And now the short of it . . . 
why can't everyone live in Ada, Ohio???
Just finished my third wedding job this month. Busy, busy, busy. This one was by far my favorite list of invitees. Just about everyone lived in Ohio or Illinois. 
I love living in Hendersonville, North Carolina - but would a shorter name really change anything about the beauty of this fair town? or state? But it sure would make my hand happier!


Wedding Season

     Spring is here!
     The birds are nesting and the brides are working on the details of their special day.
      One of the important details is in regards to making your guests feel welcome at your reception. A seating chart, escort cards, and place cards are a great way to start. They let your guests know you want them to have a great time at a place set just for them.
      There are so many great ideas for alternative seating charts - ribbon boards, clothes pins off a suspended wire, or a decorated  table of place cards in alphabetical order.
      Each of these items can help enhance the mood of your reception and add to the personality of the table. I enjoy working with couples or wedding planners who are looking for something just a bit more than a traditional tent card.

Contact me and we can create something together that will be an exciting element of your reception.


Formal envelopes

One of my most recent jobs from the summer of 2011. These were very traditional, formal envelopes. Simple copperplate with black ink. Very proper etiquette.
The mother of the bride was so pleased with the response she got from those who received these invitations.
Here is what the M-of-B sent in an email:
Good morning Catherine,
    You have gotten lots of compliments on your calligraphy !  Many people told me immediately when they received the invitations how lovely the calligraphy is !  It truly is stunning. One really good friend could not believe you did it by hand because it was so perfect !
Just goes to show, it is worth the effort!


Calligraphy for wedding

Just finished my envelope marathon.
Three jobs, 570 sets of wedding envelopes using copperplate.
Time to give my hand and eyes a break.

This envelope was one of the last. Just loved how this address got the full value for the cost of the line! 
What runs through my mind when I'm doing envelope after envelope . . . who makes up these addresses??? 
It is like how small 'they' make the lines on forms. 
Did 'anyone' really think about how loooong this address is? 
And the client wanted the Junior spelled out - where?
There were other addresses that just made me wonder as well. Need to keep a book on them, puts a smile on the face  when I come across some of them :)


Thank you for all the comments and votes on this envelope contest! The envelope that I gave to the client was envelope #1

The vote was 15(for this one) to 9(for #2). 
Very interesting. 
The reason I had to redo #2 was the letter 'g' in August on the first line. As Jane Farr so correctly figured out - "Maybe the "g" in August was started as an "s" - the error was caught in time to transform it into a modified "g"."  This job was so tight on envelopes, only 6% extra, that I had to finish it up and hope at the end to redo it. Seven folks mentioned that pesky 'g' - mixed reviews. 
The second reason I wanted to redo was the line spacing. I like deeper indents when the lines are short. Got to give extra credit points to Beth Lee who did some research - "Clearly, you abandoned envelope #2, not even bothering to cross the t's. (And Google shows that Batt is the proper surname for that address.) I guess that the "g" in "August" made it a shaky envelope, and the non-standard "O" in "Orleans" put it over the edge. Not that anyone but a calligrapher would notice either feature -- and both could be defended as calligrapher's license :)"
SO, overall, I am glad I did take the time to redo this one. I feel like I gave my client a better presentation. Your votes confirm that the redo was worth it. Your comments also show that everyone has their own taste. Which makes things so much more interesting.

SO . . . who is the winner???

Fruit Jar Nicky

A print of my ZIA titled PEACE will be in the mail to you!



Picking your envelopes wisely

What looks gorgeous in the sample book,
will be gorgeous but it may not be a calligraphers best friend.

This is a lovely natural envelope - which means it has fibers! 
Which means a calligrapher's tool will pick up little fibers that will drag the ink on the stroke. 
Here is the close up of what happens:

Look at the lower bowl of the 'a' - not what it is supposed to look like, but on the up stroke the fiber drags extra ink and causes that filled in bottom. These envelopes had another nasty problem. The green lining was dark enough that guidelines could not be seen and therefore, pencil lines needed to be put on each and every envelope. Then, due to the natural fibers of the paper, these pencil lines did not fully erase.

NOW, most folks won't notice but for the me, the calligrapher, I noticed! And it just isn't the best presentation. Moral of my comments - think about how the addresses are going to be put on the envelopes and select paper accordingly!