Teaching Botanical Embellishments

Tomorrow will be a wonderful day on ZOOM! I am looking forward to teaching some of my embellishments with a marker flexible brush to a full workshop with members of the Triangle Calligrapher's Guild in Raleigh, NC! Then on Sunday I will teach again to the overflow crowd!

If you are a member of another Calligraphy Guild and are looking for new programs, please contact me!


Zoom Classes

I am very excited to post that I will be offering 
two interactive Zoom-based classes
 through 310 Art, Asheville NC.

Calligraphy Strokes with Catherine Langsdorf - FLORALS Thursday August 13th, 3pm EDT

All levels welcome, ages 12 and up.
Calligraphy can be a wonderful art form, an addition to your creative play or a meditative, physical outlet! This interactive Zoom-based class will give you guidance on how to use a modern, pointed brush marker to lay down strokes and build up floral designs. Learning how to use and exploit the flexibility of a pointed brush on botanical embellishments will train the hand to create elegant lines.
These detail strokes can be used with journals, cards, envelopes, and finished pieces of art. The hand movements learned during the class will give you an understanding of important calligraphic skills.
Duration: Class is usually 90 minutes but may run longer depending on the number of participants. Class will consist of live demonstrations with students working along with the instruction. There will be time for questions and answers.


Teaching at the NC Arboretum

I am looking forward to leading students through some exercises with the pointed brush marker to be able to create little flowers and flourishes for personnel projects.
Contact me if interested in registering for this March 19th class.

For further information, link here


Ready for 2020

Time to get on a calligrapher's calendar! Contact me if I can provide the service of addressing your envelopes to your family and friends. Look at the tab "GET STARTED" to get help in planning for using my calligraphy services. 

I will provide a complimentary style to match your invitation, these are just two samples.


Modern Calligraphy

It is all in the details . . . .

be sure your calligraphy matches your style.

As a seasoned calligrapher, I can create a hand for your envelopes that will compliment your invitation to impress your wedding guests!


Updated Logo

As a calligrapher, I am always growing and improving my skills. I decided it was to time to tweak my logo and clean up somethings I now see as rough. You will notice this one has more flourishing and better letter spacing in my name.


Wedding Maps

Wedding maps can take care of two goals - helping guests get a feel for the area and events AND as a memento for the happy couple.

More images of this map and other maps on Instagram with #lvs_weddingmaps

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