An essential element for the sit down reception - help your guests know where they will be sitting. Table number is tucked inside so the guest's names get the star treatment.


Chalkboards all the rage

 Lovely wedding details with personalized chalkboards 
by calligrapher Catherine Langsdorf 
at Long Village Lettering.


Chalkboard Wedding Signage

Wedding signage for a Rehearsal Dinner

 I just got a lovely thank you note from the Alicia, the newly wed . . .

"Dear Catherine, The program board you created for us was beautiful. I really appreciate that you squeezed it in so late. It definitely helped create the overall look and feeling that we were going for. Best wishes! Alicia"

Wedding Program for Ceremony


Match your font


So, you have carefully and painstakingly selected you invitations and the fonts. 
You have placed the order. 
Now what?
 Book your calligrapher! 
I can match your fonts or compliment your invitation to help create a unique finished suite for your guests.



Graduation cards going out to some amazing young adults!
Blessed to have spent some years with them. 
Best wishes as they head off to college!



Exciting news . . . .
Long Village Lettering was awarded Best of Borrowed & Blue, 2014 invitations and calligraphy vendor category, runner-up! Very exciting since those in my category have large store fronts. As a single artist this is very pleasing that my services have been recognized!
Thanks for all the individuals who voted for me!



Vintage Nib

Finally used this vintage tool that was given to me . . . oh it is so lovely!
It is a Mabie Todd & Co - 7 - Did not realize what a special tool this is. Probably from 1890 to 1920. Gold tip. Very flexible. Dip pen. If any one knows anything about this or where to get info, I would love that.