Custom Ink

Custom lettering style and custom ink 
to match the invitation suite. 
Why not have it exactly as you dreamed?



Custom Calligraphy

Working on a custom job - color and lettering style just for this wedding invitation suite. The lettering is a casual copperplate script. The ink is a gray/taupe color. Always fun to help a bride complete your presentation with custom calligraphy on hr wedding invitations.


Valentine's Chalkboard

A smaller chalkboard sign for Valentine's Day. Completed on a 16" x 20" black canvas.More durable than chalk, but with the same natural chalk feel.
A great idea for signage at a wedding and the reception to help welcome and inform guests.
from this to . . . .

THIS finished piece.


Chalkboard Signage

There are many details to work on when planning your wedding reception.
Be sure to spend time creating signage that will help your guests feel welcome.
This piece lets the guests know to sign the guestbook.

Detail of chalk lettering

Computer draft and marker enlargement


Teaching Brush Lettering

 I love getting ready to teach . . . well, mostly. There are some nerves involved, the kind that makes you wonder 'what am I doing.' But overall, I learn so much from getting ready. Trying to figure out what I bring to the students that is fresh and will help them move forward in the quest.

Also, I try to prepare hand outs that will give a visual for what we are working towards. I was very pleased with how these designs came out. One just never knows when everything will align and you produce a finished project that makes you pleased that you sat down to create.


Seating Chart




This hand crafted, real chalk seating chart was created for an upcoming wedding. The flowers will be sunflowers, so the sign ties in with the overall look for the reception.

Let your imagination dream of personal touches for your wedding reception.

Make your day special.

Lower portion of chalkboard door
Upper portion of chalkboard door