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Make every detail special.




It is up to you how you are going to introduce your wedding. Yes, traditional never goes out of style, but how about creating your own style? When you have a calligrapher hand create each envelope, they are an individual piece of art just waiting for your guests to be impressed! So why not have your personality showcased? Contact me to get on my calendar for 2018, 828-697-3336. Talk to YOU soon!


they lived happily ever after .  .  .

I look forward to helping 
2018 couples
 have their start to a very happy life of wedded bliss.


Addressing Invitaitons


Getting married in 2018? Time to line up your vendors!
Calligraphy can provide special details.
Your invitations are the first glimpse your guests get of your special day. The envelope is as important at the full invitation suite. If you do not have time to hand address each of your invitation in your best hand writing, then it is important to line up a calligrapher to take care of that task.
Contact me for more details 
on how I can help you with this portion of your planning.


Wall of Mirrors

This amazing wall of mirrors is the couples seating chart which welcomed their guests during cocktails at the Biltmore Estates in Asheville, NC.

Created by several vendors to make the wedding spectacular.

I had the pleasure of writing on 21 mirrors, one for each table.


Rustic signage with elegance

Large wooden welcome sign for a recent wedding

Same wedding, smaller sign.
 Mini-pallet board with paper sign tacked on.


Wedding Mirrors

This season seems to be all about M I R R O R S . . . .  they do add a touch of elegance and wonder to the wedding celebration. Mirrors can be used for your program at the service, the seating chart at the reception or simply lovely thoughts.