Calligraphy job - yes, maybe, no

Well, for a few days I was very excited to have my first wedding calligraphy job through  Lisa G. McMillan, owner and founder of Exquisite Events & Consulting. So I worked up several examples, bought the paper and mixed some ink. Unfortunately, the bride went another way - a friend. Disappointing, but some how things all work out the way they are supposed to. I now have two more jobs coming down the pipe. And in the mean time, I've made more samples to show brides and other wedding vendors.


Etsy shop

It might be nice if I gave my store address . . .
You can find my Etsy shop at:
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Italic samples

I have enjoyed several wonderful days at my slant board. After spending so much time on the computer working on my new website (http://calligraphylvl.webplus.net) and my etsy store it was great to get back to a pen! My practice was focused on getting some up dated samples of my italic hand - based on classes with Peter Thornton over these many years of studying. These past 6 weeks I have also enjoyed getting back to teaching with a small group of enthusiastic ladies. It is great fun to share and encourage others in the wonderful art of italic calligraphy. 



I am very excited, relieved and overwhelmed to announce my Etsy shop! 
I have enjoyed shopping on Etsy and looking at all of the creativity. 
And now I am a shop owner! 
I just have three items for now, 
but watch for more!


Place Cards

A wonderful wedding planner contacted me about place cards for a reception. These are just two of the samples I sent her. The top is a casual italic done with the pointed pen. The second is a simple, formal copperplate style.

The use of place cards can welcome each guest. Place cards let each guest know that no detail has been left to chance. This small touch can show how much you care about the special event and those who attend.
Thanks, Lisa, for giving me a nudge to get some place card samples out of the portfolio and out to brides! You can read Lisa's blog at: Exquisite Events & Consulting by Lisa G. McMillan.