Pencil Art

Yes, each pencil has one letter of the alphabet carved into the lead! 
Not mine, but so worth sharing! 
Came on an email with no credit to the incredible artist who was able to create these tiny letters.


Wedding - Italic

and now for something completely different . . .
Another bride, another challenge.
A very beautiful invitation, a very challenging envelope.

The paper has some natural fibers, possibly bamboo. The envelopes are lined with dark green rice paper - glued very well. So how to address? and quickly? Luckily the bride wanted this italic style, so I am using a broad edge nib - it won't pick up the fibers as much as a pointed pen would. Mixing a black gouache with Higgins Eternal - able to scrap off any small mistakes and burnish paper to then make corrections.
Despite these aspects, they are moving along well.

Back to my art board, just 60 more to go!