S I M P L E   S T E P S

Please use this checklist to assure the best customer service:

1) When ordering envelopes
        ____ Order 15% more envelopes than number to be mailed out.
        ____ Return address is traditionally printer on back flap of outer envelope.
____ If ordering liners, please ask the printer NOT to adhere liner to the envelope, this can be done after the calligraphy is executed.

2) When making out your guest list:
        ____ List in Word document only. Spreadsheets are not acceptable.
        ____ List in alphabetical order. One list onlyIf using inner envelopes, please put these lines after the outer address of the same individual. 
        ____ EVERYTHING needs to be spelled out completely. The only exceptions are: Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., Jr., or Sr. Please spell out street, the names of states, North, Apartment, etc. Numbers under twenty are spelled out.
        ____ Please ask if you are not sure how to address a specific living situation or titles.
        ____ If you want the traditional left indented (stair-step) format, have your list in left justified format. For example:
                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert Livingston
                       123 South Main Street
                       Asheville, New York  26975
        ____ If you want the lines centered, have your list center formatted. For example:
                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert Livingston
                       123 South Main Street
                       Asheville, New York  26975

3) For pricing addressing services:  
        ____ Estimates are based on standard envelopes and black ink. Until pen is put to paper, it is possible to have unforeseen difficulty with the paper or lining. Additional fees may be applied if the surface is too rough, paper is dark, liner is attached, metallic surface and/or letterpress paper. Be aware that envelopes other than standard white or cream may be more complicated to have addressed with a dip pen. Additional time for these concerns will be billed.
        ____ Envelopes will be addressed exactly as given to me.  Any mistakes made on the list will be at the client's expense. Any mistake made during the execution of the envelopes will be redone at no charge.
        ____ There is a flat $35.00 setup fee for envelope jobs and $25.00 for place cards. Cost per line is based on lettering style selected. Additional set-up fees will be applied if additional time is necessary due to paper quality or the client's list needs corrections.
        ____ I allow for a one-time batch of additions to the list.  

        ____ Once job is delivered, any request for additional addressing services will be billed under my standard minimum order of $35.00. 
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117 Shannon Road
Hendersonville   NC   28791

Client’s Name:                                                                                
Best Contact #:
Text #:                     
Snail Mail:   
Wedding Date:
Mail By Date:
Envelopes to Catherine:              
Job complete by:     
Work to be completed:     
        number of envelopes:                  single or double envelopes:
        lined or unlined:                               color of envelope stock:
ink color:                                      lettering style:
        envelope size: _____ x _____         other information:  
Non-Refundable Deposit:
        $100.00        Deposit received on __________________
        By sending your deposit check, you agree to the job description and contract.Once deposit is received, calendar is set and supplies are ordered.   
Charges: See above explanation
        $35.00         standard set-up fee of $35.00
        cost per line $______________________  
Rush fees:
        Any job booked with less than two weeks to complete will be considered a RUSH job. There is a 20% additional fee for this type of work. If you booked your time but did not complete the text to be used until less than two weeks, this fee may be applied. Most envelope jobs of 200 or less can be completed within two weeks, depending on schedule.

Thank you for your business.

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