I had a great time at the IAMPETH conference in TN!
Here is an example of off-hand flourishing used to create an image.
It is so much fun to make and it creates such a great image!
Watch for more artwork from my time in TN.



(The above envelope was touched up to remove the address for privacy)

I am preparing to go to my first IAMPETH conference. What is IAMPETH? It stands for the International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers & Teachers of Handwriting. The conference promises to be week of terrific classes by master penmen (and women). I look forward to improving my pointed pen talents and watching the best of the best! So, watch for some new postings when I return!



I enjoy creating envelopes - I think of them as mail treasures. I believe in this time of emails, junk mail and texting that people still want something handmade and hiding in their mailbox. Envelopes are quick ways to create and practice. They make someone on the other end smile, and maybe even a mail carrier! So here are a few of my entries from the Graceful Envelope Contest.