Wedding painting

Just finished working on a wedding painting.  Watercolor work by Patty Swider, Calligraphy by me. This is just a part of the painting. This will be used as the guest registry instead of a book. The couple will then have this great framed piece to hang in the new home.
The label is their initials, the name of the wine is their son's name, and the location of the wedding is on the bottom. Very personalized.
To view the whole piece click on the top tab - Wedding Extras.
Calligraphy for weddings is my favorite way to use my gift of hand lettering.


Fraktur/Gothic/Black Letter

I am packing up for a wonderful workshop! Hosted by Joyce Teta and taught by Barbara. Can not wait to get a refresher in this style and perhaps even be able to create decent letters. Time will tell. 

Joyce was my first mentor. Someone who has been such a great influence on me for letters and for life. She is a gem! She is amazing! and I am truly blessed to know her. She is very talented and has always given freely her knowledge of calligraphy of her love of letters! Visit her blog and you will see what I mean.


Calligraphy for wedding

Just finished my envelope marathon.
Three jobs, 570 sets of wedding envelopes using copperplate.
Time to give my hand and eyes a break.

This envelope was one of the last. Just loved how this address got the full value for the cost of the line! 
What runs through my mind when I'm doing envelope after envelope . . . who makes up these addresses??? 
It is like how small 'they' make the lines on forms. 
Did 'anyone' really think about how loooong this address is? 
And the client wanted the Junior spelled out - where?
There were other addresses that just made me wonder as well. Need to keep a book on them, puts a smile on the face  when I come across some of them :)


Thank you for all the comments and votes on this envelope contest! The envelope that I gave to the client was envelope #1

The vote was 15(for this one) to 9(for #2). 
Very interesting. 
The reason I had to redo #2 was the letter 'g' in August on the first line. As Jane Farr so correctly figured out - "Maybe the "g" in August was started as an "s" - the error was caught in time to transform it into a modified "g"."  This job was so tight on envelopes, only 6% extra, that I had to finish it up and hope at the end to redo it. Seven folks mentioned that pesky 'g' - mixed reviews. 
The second reason I wanted to redo was the line spacing. I like deeper indents when the lines are short. Got to give extra credit points to Beth Lee who did some research - "Clearly, you abandoned envelope #2, not even bothering to cross the t's. (And Google shows that Batt is the proper surname for that address.) I guess that the "g" in "August" made it a shaky envelope, and the non-standard "O" in "Orleans" put it over the edge. Not that anyone but a calligrapher would notice either feature -- and both could be defended as calligrapher's license :)"
SO, overall, I am glad I did take the time to redo this one. I feel like I gave my client a better presentation. Your votes confirm that the redo was worth it. Your comments also show that everyone has their own taste. Which makes things so much more interesting.

SO . . . who is the winner???

Fruit Jar Nicky

A print of my ZIA titled PEACE will be in the mail to you!



Contest Reminder

One week left until I draw the name of the winner for the PEACE print. Go to the post dated 6-29-2011 and enter!