AOM oval (2)

AOM oval (2) by long village lettering
AOM oval (2), a photo by long village lettering on Flickr.

Getting ready to apply to be a demonstrator at our local Art on Main in the fall. I am hoping this design on the envelope will grab the attention of the committee selecting artist to participate. Crossing my fingers . . .



Found a fun way to warm up and complete a 'to-do' item on my list. I make a border with letters I need to work on or want to develop other ideas for. Makes a more decorative envelope for the recipient and gives me practice. Also played with creating a monogram for JLH - father-in-law.

This was done with a crow quill - which I have finally gotten some control over, it is a very flexible nib which is great for the heavy down stroke but challenging for the thins.


Chalkboard art

This was a delightful wedding project -  and very trendy. Chalkboard signage at the wedding reception. These boards are large - 24" x 36" for the board and then add frame size. 

Insider tip - I did the layout on the computer and then enlarged it to size. I was then able to complete it in one attempt. Chalk is not as predictable as pen and ink - but I think that is part of the novelty & pleasure of hand crafted art.