Historic Wedding Certificate

This job was . . . challenging to say the least.

I first meet the client and she presented me with a certificate that was 8" x 10".
So? you might ask. 
Well that means I had a 5" line for : The Monterey Plaza in Monterey, California.
and a 2" line for: Hendersonville, NC.
Also, this wedding had already taken place and was signed by the witnesses - so there was no second chance and no practice paper to test inks.
BUT . . . I still took it on, what was I thinking???
I suggested we find a good copy shop and enlarge the certificate to give me more room to work and a second chance. 
Well, three weeks later it is behind me. Hopefully the client will be happy. 
And the daughter will be thrilled when this is given to her as a Christmas present.

So, can I just say - what was the artist/printer thinking when they made this fill-in-the-blank? Did any one try to fill it in with the information? And it is not just this one, it is usually most of the fill-in-the-blank certificates. Would it be so difficult to ask a calligrapher what they think about the line lengths? Ok, enough of my little pet peeve - but really!



Oh Autumn . . . warm colors, cool air, crisp leaves, and . . . germs.

The creative juices have turned to mucus.

Hopefully on the tail end of 16 days of illness.