Christmas 2013

Working on a new style . . . upright copperplate.
On the letter 'K' - half way done on the Christmas card list.
Ordered my postage on the USPS website, 7 days and counting. 
Interesting that the service is a bit slow.
But I am all for supporting our USPS - still love snail mail!


Christmas Cards 2013

Time to get the Christmas cards in the mail . . . a great opportunity to try out different nibs, new bottle of ink and a free form style. Going rogue . . . no lines no planning.
Thought this one would make Patrice smile, other than I spelled her name wrong :( Think I can blame it on auto correct?
Happy Holidays!!!


Wedding Design

A small design job for a couple.
Even little finished pieces take time to work out the details.



Langsdorf by long village lettering
Langsdorf, a photo by long village lettering on Flickr.

After being inspired by Julie Grey & Carl Rohrs, I finally tried my hand at cutting out lettering design. The scan is a bit blurring since it was not sitting directly on the glass. Looking forward to creating more pieces like this one.


Calligraphy DEMO

1) paper draft of sign

In just 2 weeks I will be spending the weekend demonstrating the art of calligraphy at an annual Art on Main event. I have completed the chalkboard that will be at my artist space in
downtown Hendersonville, NC.

Here are the steps as the board took shape:

2) sketch in layout with light chalk pencil then begin to chalk over
3) continue to work . . .

4) easy to erase problem areas and redo the sign.I did not like the spacing on the feather.
4) all done.


Contemporary Guestbooks

These paintings are a great, modern twist on the formal guestbook. The guests sign right on the painting. The finished projects gives the couple a wonderful piece of art for their home. Each painting is custom crafted for the couple.


Imagination Board

 creating chalkboard art . . . .

playing with various lettering styles . . . .

making basic Roman capitals look aged . . . . with a grey shadow.

                                                                                         Loving making chalk creations!



working on more samples - 
offering freebies for businesses that will help promote my work.


Chalkboard sign

Working on some samples of chalkboard advertising to build my portfolio.
Chalk is so enjoyable to work with.


Mr President

Did you know you can send a note to the Greetings Office and receive a greeting from the White House? 

What a great memento of your wedding date.


New Envelope Design

004 by long village lettering
004, a photo by long village lettering on Flickr.

Working to make another bride's vision come true.


Escort Cards

Escort cards help lead your guests to their seat at your reception. This simple display of colors provides an elegant welcome for your guests. Keeping the cards in alphabetical order helps guests find their way quickly. The table number on the backside helps keep their name the center of attention.



 Just a quick chalk board to use with my calligraphy 
when I demonstrate on the street @ festivals and the like.


AOM oval (2)

AOM oval (2) by long village lettering
AOM oval (2), a photo by long village lettering on Flickr.

Getting ready to apply to be a demonstrator at our local Art on Main in the fall. I am hoping this design on the envelope will grab the attention of the committee selecting artist to participate. Crossing my fingers . . .



Found a fun way to warm up and complete a 'to-do' item on my list. I make a border with letters I need to work on or want to develop other ideas for. Makes a more decorative envelope for the recipient and gives me practice. Also played with creating a monogram for JLH - father-in-law.

This was done with a crow quill - which I have finally gotten some control over, it is a very flexible nib which is great for the heavy down stroke but challenging for the thins.


Chalkboard art

This was a delightful wedding project -  and very trendy. Chalkboard signage at the wedding reception. These boards are large - 24" x 36" for the board and then add frame size. 

Insider tip - I did the layout on the computer and then enlarged it to size. I was then able to complete it in one attempt. Chalk is not as predictable as pen and ink - but I think that is part of the novelty & pleasure of hand crafted art.


Chalk board pennants

Decoration for an upcoming wedding rehearsal dinner 
- names of the bride & groom on chalk board pennants.

Beautiful Invitation Suite

Another elegant wedding invitation.

Copperplate lettering, in classic black ink.


Just some playing . . .



Just got back from a delightful workshop in Atlanta at Binder's. Several of the folks knew all about Fine-tec from Germany and their wonderful gold pan set. After much contemplation, I decided to purchase the set. I had a little bit of time today to try them out and . . . they are indeed spectacular. I'm probably the last one to discover these. But I am truly tickled gold!

 These will be great on envelopes for some lucky client who wants to dazzle her guests from the get-go.


Letterpress Invitations

Just completed this job . . . very beautiful invitation suite by Lucky Luxe Couture Correspondence   (an internationally acclaimed event and wedding stationery boutique that has been featured by Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides Magazine, WellWed Magazine, Mississippi Magazine, and many of the most respected wedding and design industry blogs and websites)

The bride chose a contemporary style of lettering with a deep blue ink. I am sure her guests will be delighted to receive an invitation that shows a tremendous amount of thought went into how to include her family & friends.


I received a new book for Christmas - "The Art of Calligraphy & Lettering: Master techniques for traditional and contemporary handwritten styles." It is published by Walter Foster Publishing, Inc.
The section by John Stevens is very inspiring. I did this alphabet today while studying the hand John created called "Latina". I used a pointed pen instead of the recommended broadedge.

I was really struck by a remark by John, "But if you want to become a professional, you are better off with a recognizable style than with great technical ability." I'm not sure I have heard anyone say something like this even after all these years of study. But I like it! I know there are several calligraphers that I can see a piece and just know it is theirs. It is starting to make sense. Perhaps I can let go of perfection and try to discover my own hand. Time will tell.


Book of Memory

007 by long village lettering
007, a photo by long village lettering on Flickr.
Uploaded some photos of a recent project. A large, Italian, hand-made book was purchased for a Book of Memory for a local non-profit. I put in several headers and then over 100 listings of donors.