lake painting blog

Another wedding painting on its way to a happy couple. This is just a small portion. The scene is a small gazebo on a lake. The couple's date is also hand lettered onto the painting. At the reception, guest will sign this keepsake for the couple.


Wedding Envelopes

 For most wedding jobs, I use this traditional layout for envelopes. It is a staggered indent that allows for the lines to lead the eye down to the next line of the address. I find this to be very pleasing!

However, this address was not going to work with a staggered layout. You see, the second line takes the FULL size of the envelope to fit in the "world's longest" address (and I still wound up having to abbreviate a word). My only solution was to write out the address and then center each line. Many calligraphers offer to center addresses, however after this job . . . well, there would have to be an extra charge to cover the extra time to center each line.