Teaching Brush Lettering

 I love getting ready to teach . . . well, mostly. There are some nerves involved, the kind that makes you wonder 'what am I doing.' But overall, I learn so much from getting ready. Trying to figure out what I bring to the students that is fresh and will help them move forward in the quest.

Also, I try to prepare hand outs that will give a visual for what we are working towards. I was very pleased with how these designs came out. One just never knows when everything will align and you produce a finished project that makes you pleased that you sat down to create.


Seating Chart




This hand crafted, real chalk seating chart was created for an upcoming wedding. The flowers will be sunflowers, so the sign ties in with the overall look for the reception.

Let your imagination dream of personal touches for your wedding reception.

Make your day special.

Lower portion of chalkboard door
Upper portion of chalkboard door


Place Cards

Place card options when using full name and title.


Anything Goes

The last 3 days I have been working on this quick project. It will be mailed, as is, to The Courtyard Gallery in Asheville for their annual Mail Art Show, 'Anything Goes - Everything Shows.' From looking at their site they usually get very unusual art for this show, but I decided to go a very traditional route - which will be unusual for this show. The piece is a 12" by 12" canvas board. Hopefully it will go through the mail easily.


Wedding Calligraphy





Wedding Envelopes

Always a pleasure to help a bride make a beautiful first impression when she invites the guests to the ceremony.


Vine Work Finished

Here is the image of my most recent project. The client's need was a gift for her son - it does get challenging to come up with gifts for those we love. So she reached out to me to create something for his office with minimal information. I took it as an opportunity to work on some detail work and to  practice laying down gold leaf. Hopefully, this will exceed her  expectations and will be a treasured gift from a loving mother to her son.
It is a real pleasure to craft such items. Always thrilled to help client put to paper what they have a vague notion about.


Vine work

Beginning steps to a commission piece.
What do you get someone who has the ability to get everything they need?

This mother decided to give her son a hand rendered calligraphy piece.

How very special!

I will keep you posted on how this turns out . . . .


Another happy client

"Wow! I love it!! 
Truly even more adorable than I imagined!! 
Thank you so much for this - I appreciate that you were able to work it in to your schedule!" 

---Tracey at Aisle Do

Always happy to help folks out. This wedding planner came to me in a hurry for signage. Once we talked, we decided to make this sign for her to keep since this situation comes up for many weddings. It is a chalk foam board making it light weight. It can be put in a standard frame or used as is. It is painted with a chalky finish acrylic, so it is permanent but looks like chalk.


Graceful Envelope History - Family

The Graceful Envelope Contest started in 1995. I learned about it in 1999 and submitted my first entry. The theme was 'The Beauty of Nature'.
I was a new mother of twins. Sometimes the only way I could get them to sleep at the same time was to take a drive and park at the ocean. I designed that first envelope in the car with Nadine & Evan fast asleep. I was so thrilled just to have completed something. To my delight, my envelope was recognized as a 'winner.'
In the summer of 2002, there was a traveling exhibit of some of the creative envelopes from the contest. When it came to the Public Library in Charlotte, I was thrilled to see my envelope hanging on the wall. This time the kids were old enough to take many adventures downtown to visit mommy's envelope.

The 2006 theme was 'A Fine Line'. Not sure what my inspiration was . . . but some how I developed this:

Two of the three little monkeys are my two cuties! I thought it was too funny! This one was awarded Honorable mention.

"C's the Day" was the theme for 2008. At the time I was homeschooling my darlings. So, when it was contest time, we ALL participated. They now had catagories for youth. So during school we would work on designs. Evan, age 9,  went with a Chipmunk, chairs & Christmas trees:

Nadine, age 9, used a cute chinchilla eating cheese:

It was so much creating together. My entry as a 'Colorful Graceful Envelope Contest' - winner:

Such a crazy thing, but it gives me such joy to create these envelopes. I guess I like the challenge. There is no cash value for winning. It takes me usually a month from design concept to taking it to the post office to hand it off. In the grand scheme of things, not many folks know about this contest - usually the post office worker wonders what it is all about. So no big claim to fame here. But it is something I look forward to doing when the theme catches my imagination. There have been years when the deadline slips by. But nine times I have submitted, six times I have been selected, and the last one - well waiting to find out.






Just completed another job for a very pleased mother of the bride!


Graceful Envelope 2014

Just a glimpse of my entry for the annual Graceful Envelope Contest

This year's theme is the letter 'S'. Can you guess how many things starting with the letter 'S' can be seen in this little piece of my envelope?

Sapphire blue
Shades of color
Steel nib
Swirls - calligraphers prefer flourishes but that is not an S
Subtle colors & images

They announce the winners in June. Such a long time to wait.
My entry in 2005 took Best in Show. Very exciting. My entries can be viewed at my flickr.


Another layout for this piece. Still need to add the text.


A Single Word

In the cold of winter, finally some inspiration to create a finished piece for an upcoming exhibit.
Step 1)  Pencil sketch

Step 2) Working with watercolor on good paper

Step 3) After the letter 'A' is dry, outlined the letter & color blocks with clear masking fluid.

Step 4)  Add watercolor washes to the square. Once dry the masking fluid comes off with a gentle rub.

Step 5)  Working out the words to go around the focal point. Still on this step.



New board with chalk art.

A great trend in the wedding business. I can do custom work for brides in the greater Asheville, NC area. Signage for your rehearsal dinner, wedding program, reception, menu, be creative! Lettering is to match your style and taste! Using my 25 years of calligraphy, I can create a one-of-a-kind sign for your event.


Upright Script

 Working on a new style for wedding envelopes. A quicker hand with a marker so I can offer brides a budget conscious alternative to the dip pen. I call this one - Upright Script. It is based on copperplate but with no letter slant. It is a cursive style.

Just thought I would show where I do my work from. It is an old architect board that my dad got from United Airlines many many moons ago. On top of the flat table, I put a clear plexi board on a slight incline, just enough to fit a small light under it.

Remember the books of I spy? Well, I spy a fancy pig and Ralph the dog - these a covers for my ink wells that my kids made for me out of polymer clay.  I absolutely love having them with me. They make me smile. Just love those Muppets.

More later . . . must get some rest.


Upcoming Classes

I have some events scheduled that you might be interested in . . .

Upcoming sessions:
Jan 15 - ZenDoodle @ ArtMob, starts at Noon, all supplies included, introductory class.
Jan 17 - Calligraphy Demonstration @ Main HDV Co Library, starts at 1pm with power point then a demonstration. FREE
Jan 25 - Calligraphy workshop @ Tryon Painters & Sculptors, starts at 9am, full day, studying the Uncial hand.
Feb 5 - Calligraphy 4 week course @ Art Mob, starts at Noon, course tailored to meet your interest.

please contact me if you would be interested in more details.


Calligraphy for Weddings

The Valentine's Day selections are out at the stores . . . thinking of the one you love? Show your love with a hand executed calligraphy piece or special card & envelope. Available to help you! My 25 years of calligraphy serves in North Carolina can provide you with professional service for your upcoming special occasion.