Upright Script

 Working on a new style for wedding envelopes. A quicker hand with a marker so I can offer brides a budget conscious alternative to the dip pen. I call this one - Upright Script. It is based on copperplate but with no letter slant. It is a cursive style.

Just thought I would show where I do my work from. It is an old architect board that my dad got from United Airlines many many moons ago. On top of the flat table, I put a clear plexi board on a slight incline, just enough to fit a small light under it.

Remember the books of I spy? Well, I spy a fancy pig and Ralph the dog - these a covers for my ink wells that my kids made for me out of polymer clay.  I absolutely love having them with me. They make me smile. Just love those Muppets.

More later . . . must get some rest.

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Linda said...

Hello Catherine & Happy New Year to you and your family.

I think your idea of the Upright Script is fantastic. The script is beautiful, and like you said, it saves people money. Fabulous! Always love your work. Linda E.