Love Lettering

I have just signed up to take an on line course, which started Feb 1 - a bit late. Class ends tomorrow, but I will be plugging along. The class is titled, Letter Love 101 by Joanne Sharpe. It is a fun, creative look at lettering for journals. Here is the project for lesson 3 - make this sign for your work station.



Place Cards

Here are two cute ideas for creative place cards.
These would be at the table when your guests get to their table.

The top glass has a paper circle that is placed on the rim of the glass. 
The name is written around the circle.

The second idea is a quilled paper heart
Again, this would be at the table for your guest. 
The heart can hang off the rim of the glass or curl around the stem of the glass.

Having place cards helps to  make your guests feel comfortable in knowing they are sitting in the 'right' place. Place cards also show you thought of all the little details to make your day personal and welcoming for your guests. A seating chart at the door would be necessary for each of these creative ideas.