Wedding Program

I have been working with a watercolorist on wedding paintings for many years. They are lovely paintings on a full sheet of watercolor paper. I add the calligraphy giving the basic wedding info - bride, groom, date and location. Then the final piece is that it is used as the guest registry and everyone signs their names. It makes for a great keepsake.
Last week I completed a variation on the theme. A bride wanted a large program posted as guests came to the wedding ceremony. Going green, she did not want to print programs only to see them thrown away. So, I created the program and left plenty of white space so that the guests could sign the piece during the reception.
It was a hit!
The paper was tucked inside four large gold photo corners. The couple was able to remove and roll it up to make traveling with it easier. They will then frame it for their home as a wonderful keepsake of their wedding.

Unfortunately, my photography skills are lacking . . . but hopefully the idea is there.


Simple Elegance - monoline copperplate

A couple put their hearts and dreams into every part of their upcoming occasion. Making so many decisions to help put their personal touch on their special day. I am always pleased when I can be a part of that. It is an honor to help them create the first impression that friends and family are going to have of their occasion. Many see their invitations as an investment in the total package for their wedding day. I'm delighted when individuals realize the value of hand-lettered envelopes on their invitations. Realizing that families have budgets, I have a solution to fit calligraphy into the budget and give their invitations an elegant feel. Mono-line calligraphy can be hand crafted quicker and yet provide the style needed to set their envelopes apart.

These samples are from a job fresh off the art table. 
They were done using mono-line copperplate
A simple elegance for their traditional ivory panel invitation.