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BiltCandle Blog, a photo by long village lettering on Flickr.

Sending more notes of thanks to my favorite invitation stores in Asheville, NC.
Candle pillar is from my new business as an Independent Consultant for Biltmore Inspirations -

The Biltmore House in Asheville, NC is a beautiful setting for weddings. It is a top rated tourist attraction in Western North Carolina. If you haven't visited America's grandest home it is worth the trip to Asheville, NC. 


Giving Thanks

Mailed my Thanksgiving Day cards today to thank a few people who have made a difference in my life this year.

Our local veterinarian had his hands full with our two chihuahuas. He and his staff took terrific care of our little fellows. We are thankful to have another holiday with them both! Our older dog, Gizmo, is aging and struggling to breathe, but our vet is keeping him comfortable. Our youngster, Apollo, got into trouble this Fall by eating something toxic in the yard. But after a tough week, he his recovering.

This is one of my favorite lettering styles to spend time creating. It is a modern pointed pen hand.


In Every Thing Give Thanks

Giving thanks for a wonderful Open Studio at my church! We had our second meeting today and played with leaf rubbings. After just 30 minutes of play I had completed this little piece. It was so refreshing to play and react and watch the art come to life. Ka-bam!


Resolution completed

header by long village lettering
header, a photo by long village lettering on Flickr.
I have just delivered this long resolution to the client. He provided me with a copy of the original piece and wanted a replica. Trying to match someone's layout and style was a bit challenging. However it was a good project. The client's response to the finished piece was priceless - not a word, but a tear in his eyes. A reminder why the hand-executed word is still important.