Langsdorf by long village lettering
Langsdorf, a photo by long village lettering on Flickr.

After being inspired by Julie Grey & Carl Rohrs, I finally tried my hand at cutting out lettering design. The scan is a bit blurring since it was not sitting directly on the glass. Looking forward to creating more pieces like this one.


Calligraphy DEMO

1) paper draft of sign

In just 2 weeks I will be spending the weekend demonstrating the art of calligraphy at an annual Art on Main event. I have completed the chalkboard that will be at my artist space in
downtown Hendersonville, NC.

Here are the steps as the board took shape:

2) sketch in layout with light chalk pencil then begin to chalk over
3) continue to work . . .

4) easy to erase problem areas and redo the sign.I did not like the spacing on the feather.
4) all done.


Contemporary Guestbooks

These paintings are a great, modern twist on the formal guestbook. The guests sign right on the painting. The finished projects gives the couple a wonderful piece of art for their home. Each painting is custom crafted for the couple.


Imagination Board

 creating chalkboard art . . . .

playing with various lettering styles . . . .

making basic Roman capitals look aged . . . . with a grey shadow.

                                                                                         Loving making chalk creations!