peace lantern 1

Wednesday I went off to the studio to work. I was able to get a good beginning to my entry for an exhibit on peace that will be held in Asheville. I worked on one piece of paper that I then cut to the four panels. I am hoping to keep it very soft even as I add layers to it.


alpha red

alpha red
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Last Wednesday I enjoyed several hours at Conn-Artist studio. It was great to be in a room with other folks working on projects. While I am the only calligrapher there, they are so welcoming and encouraging. I got several designs done but still working on a final outcome.


alpha brush w.flowers (3)

Trying to balance my time with calligraphy and tangling. Here is a handout I use when I teach brush lettering. I'm getting a class together at a wonderful studio, Conn-Art http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/The-Conn-Artist-Studios-Art-Gallery


Brushing up

I'm getting ready to offer a brush lettering class, so I'm brushing up.

It is designed to sit as a diamond, so rotate your head 45 degrees :)
This was created by using a black brush marker on black paper. 
The ink has a different finish, so you can barely see it.
Then the negative space was colored with colored pencils.


wedding envelopes

Not all designs for wedding envelopes need to be formal and traditional, especially since so many invitations are more expressive. This is a modern style done with a traditional pointed pen. The envelopes are a metallic silver.



Practicing my foundational hand on straw paper. 
Quick layout, no real plan, just reacting to the writing.


A "follow" me challenge

Happy New Year!
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Happy New Year!