Formal envelopes

One of my most recent jobs from the summer of 2011. These were very traditional, formal envelopes. Simple copperplate with black ink. Very proper etiquette.
The mother of the bride was so pleased with the response she got from those who received these invitations.
Here is what the M-of-B sent in an email:
Good morning Catherine,
    You have gotten lots of compliments on your calligraphy !  Many people told me immediately when they received the invitations how lovely the calligraphy is !  It truly is stunning. One really good friend could not believe you did it by hand because it was so perfect !
Just goes to show, it is worth the effort!


Creative Envelopes

Here are some envelopes I created using two layers of paper and my newest style, Fraktur.
My parents seemed to save everything. I found this old paper, which I seem to remember was called onion paper. It was used back in the days of the type writer, even before the electric one. Not being able to just recycle it, I thought that a double envelope might be fun.
Step 1. On the inner layer, I wrote the first names in a dark(ish) color.  I tried to think about the layout of the address and stamp while placing the names.

Step 2. I went ahead and placed the stamp ( I have a tendency  not to leave enough room and then wind up covering up some lettering with the stamp.) Then with a lighter color I wrote the last name. Added some flourishing with the corner of the marker. And then the diamonds with a contrasting color.
I did a few more for an exchange . . . the paper is so nice to work on that I have gotten carried away!