It is time to get this BLOG back on track . . . CALLIGRAPHY! 
Letters! Words! Poetry! Envelopes!

So, my New Year's resolution is to divide up my interests into 2 blogs. Long Village Lettering is a studio for calligraphy. I am scribe wanting to help brides, MOB, grooms, clients, corporate clients and any one in need of a good impression when they put it in writing!

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Star of wonder . . .
wishing you all a night full of wonder and peace!
Merry Christmas!


3 ornaments

3 ornaments
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After viewing a post on Maria's zentangle blog I was excited to design some ornaments. After drawing the one, I realized these would make nice ornaments for a real tree. So, I cut the ornament out and put on a heavy layer of gloss. It is hard to tell from the scan, but they are separate pieces. They are so fun to make.
Merry Christmas!



placecards for holiday gathering

This is something I'm very excited about and so pleased with the results. Our local Bridal Consultants Association is having its gathering at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC. This has to be one of the top rated Inns in America. Absolutely gorgeous!
So, in my continual attempts to break into the wedding industry, I volunteered to make place cards for the 20 some attendees. With only two days to work on this, I was thrilled to come up with a simple design that I think will be remembered.
I cut the trees out with one of those scrapbookers machines, painted the gold stars and hand flourished the names and some detail work. I can not wait to see these at a formal table at the GPI and get some photos for my portfolio.




After viewing a wonderful blog entry by Martha Lever ( a modern versal with a tangle )- I took a little time to play with the idea. What great fun. Two of my favorite things! 1) Versals taught by Sherri Keisel and 2)