more flower envelopes

While I had all the colors out . . .



Beach Theme

Calligraphy Exchange Yahoo!Group

A small bit of Zentangle for an exchange.


Kanuga Job

Close up of a very large project that I worked on for a local camp to honor those who have given gifts through their wills to this camp. The gold cross indicates the donor has died. This will be an on going process - adding names and  crosses on a yearly basises. Because of continual changes, I designed the piece in panels so I can remove just a portion from the frame to work. (I don't know why blogger won't let this be a vertical shot, guess you just need to turn your head :)

If you would like to see more of this project, go to my flicker site.


WHO is coming to your wedding?

About time I get back to the studio of Long Village Lettering
so here is my first wedding job . . . these envelopes are 11" x 16" (that is not a typo) and made of heavy brown craft board. As far as calligraphy - there were not many options I wanted to offer due to the product and that it was a rush job. So I suggested monoline Roman caps in brown ink. FYI - I cut a template from heavy plastic and used white charcoal pencil to draw lines.                
This couple will be making a wonderful impression upon their invited guests that this celebration is a BIG event! I understand the invite is a poster that goes in unfolded. I'm guessing the response card must match the theme on the poster of owls and branches.With that done, it is time to create something for fun . . . but what?