A Single Word

In the cold of winter, finally some inspiration to create a finished piece for an upcoming exhibit.
Step 1)  Pencil sketch

Step 2) Working with watercolor on good paper

Step 3) After the letter 'A' is dry, outlined the letter & color blocks with clear masking fluid.

Step 4)  Add watercolor washes to the square. Once dry the masking fluid comes off with a gentle rub.

Step 5)  Working out the words to go around the focal point. Still on this step.



New board with chalk art.

A great trend in the wedding business. I can do custom work for brides in the greater Asheville, NC area. Signage for your rehearsal dinner, wedding program, reception, menu, be creative! Lettering is to match your style and taste! Using my 25 years of calligraphy, I can create a one-of-a-kind sign for your event.


Upright Script

 Working on a new style for wedding envelopes. A quicker hand with a marker so I can offer brides a budget conscious alternative to the dip pen. I call this one - Upright Script. It is based on copperplate but with no letter slant. It is a cursive style.

Just thought I would show where I do my work from. It is an old architect board that my dad got from United Airlines many many moons ago. On top of the flat table, I put a clear plexi board on a slight incline, just enough to fit a small light under it.

Remember the books of I spy? Well, I spy a fancy pig and Ralph the dog - these a covers for my ink wells that my kids made for me out of polymer clay.  I absolutely love having them with me. They make me smile. Just love those Muppets.

More later . . . must get some rest.


Upcoming Classes

I have some events scheduled that you might be interested in . . .

Upcoming sessions:
Jan 15 - ZenDoodle @ ArtMob, starts at Noon, all supplies included, introductory class.
Jan 17 - Calligraphy Demonstration @ Main HDV Co Library, starts at 1pm with power point then a demonstration. FREE
Jan 25 - Calligraphy workshop @ Tryon Painters & Sculptors, starts at 9am, full day, studying the Uncial hand.
Feb 5 - Calligraphy 4 week course @ Art Mob, starts at Noon, course tailored to meet your interest.

please contact me if you would be interested in more details.


Calligraphy for Weddings

The Valentine's Day selections are out at the stores . . . thinking of the one you love? Show your love with a hand executed calligraphy piece or special card & envelope. Available to help you! My 25 years of calligraphy serves in North Carolina can provide you with professional service for your upcoming special occasion.