Peace Lantern

This project is moving along. It has been assembled into the four-sided lantern. Just want to add some tassels and an inner lantern.

 The colors are light, to me peace does not scream - it is soft, quiet, calm. I wanted the colors to reflect that in this piece.


Name tags with parallel pen

Just a short post to share some name tags done with the Pilot Parallel Pen. Hoping to offer a class at the local art store, who sells these wonderful tools.
Until then, I'll just keep playing with them and enjoying the color!
If you don't know what this wonderful tool is, go to Paper & Ink Arts to see the tool, some art, and the book available.


find it in your heart

A small piece with a wonderful thought.


Peace Lantern

Here is another one of the panels for what will be a four sided lantern.