Anything Goes

The last 3 days I have been working on this quick project. It will be mailed, as is, to The Courtyard Gallery in Asheville for their annual Mail Art Show, 'Anything Goes - Everything Shows.' From looking at their site they usually get very unusual art for this show, but I decided to go a very traditional route - which will be unusual for this show. The piece is a 12" by 12" canvas board. Hopefully it will go through the mail easily.


Wedding Calligraphy





Wedding Envelopes

Always a pleasure to help a bride make a beautiful first impression when she invites the guests to the ceremony.


Vine Work Finished

Here is the image of my most recent project. The client's need was a gift for her son - it does get challenging to come up with gifts for those we love. So she reached out to me to create something for his office with minimal information. I took it as an opportunity to work on some detail work and to  practice laying down gold leaf. Hopefully, this will exceed her  expectations and will be a treasured gift from a loving mother to her son.
It is a real pleasure to craft such items. Always thrilled to help client put to paper what they have a vague notion about.


Vine work

Beginning steps to a commission piece.
What do you get someone who has the ability to get everything they need?

This mother decided to give her son a hand rendered calligraphy piece.

How very special!

I will keep you posted on how this turns out . . . .