Wall of Mirrors

This amazing wall of mirrors is the couples seating chart which welcomed their guests during cocktails at the Biltmore Estates in Asheville, NC.

Created by several vendors to make the wedding spectacular.

I had the pleasure of writing on 21 mirrors, one for each table.


Rustic signage with elegance

Large wooden welcome sign for a recent wedding

Same wedding, smaller sign.
 Mini-pallet board with paper sign tacked on.


Wedding Mirrors

This season seems to be all about M I R R O R S . . . .  they do add a touch of elegance and wonder to the wedding celebration. Mirrors can be used for your program at the service, the seating chart at the reception or simply lovely thoughts.


Highlands Map

This custom map was created for the welcome bags for the wedding guests. The couple wanted to mark each of the venues for the weekend of celebration.