Calligraphy for wedding

Just finished my envelope marathon.
Three jobs, 570 sets of wedding envelopes using copperplate.
Time to give my hand and eyes a break.

This envelope was one of the last. Just loved how this address got the full value for the cost of the line! 
What runs through my mind when I'm doing envelope after envelope . . . who makes up these addresses??? 
It is like how small 'they' make the lines on forms. 
Did 'anyone' really think about how loooong this address is? 
And the client wanted the Junior spelled out - where?
There were other addresses that just made me wonder as well. Need to keep a book on them, puts a smile on the face  when I come across some of them :)

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Jane Farr said...

Congratulations on finishing your envelope marathon! Your family must be glad to have you back. It does seem that cities always make MLK roadways either "parkway" or "boulevard" with an east and west! ;)