Wedding place cards

I guess I am a soft touch when it comes to a young bride in distress. This was a very rush job. An out-of-town bride had some difficulties with the printers and wound up in Asheville three days before the wedding with blank table cards and place cards. I'm guessing she had arranged for these to be done by someone back home, weeks before arriving to her destination wedding, but . . . well, I did not ask for details, just no time for that. So, I pulled two long days (just like being back at college, staying up til 2:00am) completing place cards for 120 guests and 90 table cards. It was a whirlwind - but such a lovely lady. She was so appreciative and delighted to have this important detail taken care of for her.
I must share my appreciation to Baggie Goose for giving out my name!

I'm guessing her wedding at the Biltmore went smoothly with Melissa Porter (http://www.ashevilleeventco.com/about_us.php) of Asheville Events directing the festivities.


lori vliegen said...

oh my goodness....i know that there's a super-happy bride out there jumping up and down over these cards!!! you did a beautiful job, and i'm sure she was thrilled to no end to have such gorgeous calligraphy included on her special day!!!! bravo!! :))

Kerr Pelto said...

she's probably thanking her lucky stars that her original plan was bombed out...and therefore got your spectacular pieces!