Baby Beluga

Cleaning out . . . really procrastinating . . . 
but sounds better to be 'organizing'

So, I came across this piece I did as play. What year? Who knows! Just a reminder that I really should put a date on things. Best guess would be around 14 years ago because this is a book we purchased when we knew we were expecting our first child (TWINS). I can clearly see two influences in this piece. Peter Thornton with the Roman caps. Mike Kesceg with the pointed pen letters. This one had no sketch, plan or prediction of how it might turn out . . . but here it is:


Renee Troy said...

It's so nice to come across old work because it shows us how we've grown as artists.
This shows that you are doing what you're suppose to do because you were a wonderful lettering artist 14 years ago. What a prize!

Jane Farr said...

A beautiful piece Catherine!