Broad edge letters

Time to get out the broad edged pen and get back to my roots. Italics was the first hand I learned back in 1987 (could it possibly be that long ago?) I was fortunate to live in the Western suburbs of Chicago and had a great teacher, Barbara Carlson. You never know when you sign up to take a class what the teacher will be like - mine was super!
Then my next teacher was Peter Thornton - it doesn't get better than him! I boldly sign-up to attend Camp Cheerio with no knowledge of what I was getting into. The week long experience was a game changer. I was introduced into a wonderful world of lettering! I have also had the thrill of taking from other teachers: Sheila Waters, John Stevens and Mike Kesceg.

This one is NOT italic. It is foundational. Probably should have learned this hand first . . .
The technique on both is loading the pen with varying colors as you write. Rather unpredictable. But I just love the finished look.


Linda said...

Hi Catherine,

These pieces are beautiful. I'm wondering, do you know the author of the "friendship" quote? I really like that quote. As always, thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us. Linda E.

Marjorie said...

Love your little pen and ink zentangle!