Pencil Calligraphy

     I enjoy joining exchanges - make one get one through the mail. The above piece is a pencil work that I continue to add to. One of my current exchanges is an altoid tin exchange with inspirational cards inside. My inspirational cards are copied images from this piece, mounted on card stock. The altoid tin was to be altered to dress it up. The deadline is July 15th, then probably several weeks before I get my new tin with 9 cards inside. I'll post when available.
    For anyone who might be interested, the group this exchange is sponsored by is a yahoo!group called Christian Paper Artists. Here is their statement:
     A paper artist is one who uses paper in whatever they create…stamp artists, paper crafters, calligraphers, book binders, collagist…etc. The group has expressed a desire for our focus to include all types of paper art, while always developing our ability to express our faith in the Lord. This group will provide an arena to share conversation about what we are creating and how.
     You can look them up at:

     Another group I enjoy is a yahoo!group called Calligraphy Exchange. This group is focused on calligraphy exchanges, but they also answer questions and talk shop. It is much small than cyberscribes, so the volume is more manageable. There statement is:
     If you like to exchange calligraphic art with other artists then this is the place to be. We are an informal gathering place for calligraphers and lettering artists of all levels and from many countries. Share comments, questions, suggestions and your work with us. Struggling with a technique? Need advice? Ask away. We are a friendly, helpful group ---even if our fingers are inky!
     This group has been here since 1999. It is nice to see so many of our original members. Although things were quiet for a while, we are now enjoying a surge in membership and a renewed commitment to exchanges. Please feel free to post whatever is on your mind. Suggestions? Bring 'em on!
     You can look them up at:

Hopefully you will check one of these out and find another creative outlet and folks to share your passions.

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Renee Troy said...

Your pencil piece is wonderful and truly inspiring.