April Art

My last post was about not getting a job, but then getting several leads. To my excitement, two jobs came about at the same time with a similar deadline. Both jobs were wedding quotes for a spouse as an anniversary gift. How incredibly thoughtful. What a joy to be a part of the process. Let me start with the job I completed first.
The image on the left is of my layout piece on the computer - made this job go much faster than hand lettering various drafts! The customer approved the piece based on this layout and then a sample of my lettering.

And here is the final piece:

I was so glad to get this off in the mail right on time! This is an interesting quote - it was read at their wedding. I hope I will hear back from the husband as to how pleased his wife was to get such a thoughtful gift!
What a guy!


Hil-ink said...

You did an incredible job!! It looks so great!

Renee Troy said...

It's so lovely! I can't see how the lucky woman could think otherwise. You should be so proud.

Jane Farr said...

Beautiful work Catherine! Congratulations! Men are the most thoughtful and romantic clients.