Motivated to play

After admiring Jane Farr's mandala work, I finally sat down to give it a go. Jane's work is stunning! I spend time on her blog and especially her  flicker page. (If you click on the title of this post you will go to her blog - but maybe you already know this.) Recently, she posted instructions on making a mandala on her flicker - just the motivation I needed to get to play. What a great way to work on flourishing. Being my first, I'm not too pleased with it - but distance does improve it - so don't click to enlarge, you will be able to see way too many flaws. Perhaps I'll do one a week . . .


Jane Farr said...

Your mandala is stunning Catherine! (We are always our own worst critic, because we see what isn't there as opposed to what is there.) I don't think many of us want our work put under a magnifying glass. :) I hope you enjoyed creating it. You can make them with a broad edge too and also use letterforms instead of flourishes. A friend in the UK told me he is now creating "name" mandalas and selling them at fairs. They are a big hit! Anyone can see the step-by-step process of creating a mandala by going here:
Thanks for the shout out and link love!!

Catherine said...

While driving I thought . . . "Jane should package this lovely project like Maria did the zentangle. Your kit could contain paper, directions, inspirations, perhaps a circle maker.
Just a wild thought!