Power Point

The ladies group at church has asked me to talk about calligraphy at their meeting this Saturday. Cover calligraphy in about 20 minutes was the only guidelines - and what got me interested in the art. 20 minutes! 
I decided to take this opportunity to create my first power point - my 11 year olds are teaching me how to use the software! So I have 32 slides. 
20 minutes? Oh, they also thought it would be great if I demonstrated a bit . . . really? 20 minutes? Such a wonderful challenge! Since I'm also looking forward to teaching at the community college, I've made it usable there too. 
I also volunteered to create the name tags for the ladies attending . . . so here are a few. I finally opened up my Parallel Pens - not even sure how long ago I purchased them. They were a lot of fun to use, especially mixing the ink colors by touching the pens to one another! So, wish me luck . . . still need to decide what I'm going to say during the slides :)

What a great name!


Jody Meese said...

Your work is beautiful! Hope the wedding business is taking off for you.

Lisa Holtzman said...

Your name tags are really nice. Good luck on Saturday!

Renee Troy said...

What fun! Love the use of your colors and your lettering is delicious!

Jane Farr said...

Beautiful name tags Catherine. The attendees will be thrilled! Good luck on Saturday. By the end of the 20 minutes, you will have easily whet their appetitie for more.

Anonymous said...
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