Presentation report

My power point presentation went well. There was a group of 40 lovely ladies who indulged me to talk about my calligraphic passion. I did share one personal story that I thought I would pass along.
So how important are letters to me? Well, my main consideration while determining our twins' names was . . . their monograms! Really. Since our last name is an open letter L, I wanted to be sure that the first and middle names helped to balance the monogram. So, I limited name choices to narrow or 3/4 letters - Roman cap proportions. My son was actually easy, we used Evan (which is welch for John, his grandpa) and Vance (his other grandpa). My daughter was difficult. So, we turned to the intern to find names that started with N. And we got Nadine Heather.

Now, what really makes me chuckle is that at the age of 11+, I have yet to design a monogram or even have anything engraved with their initials! Also, my daughters first letters are NHL - yes, National Hockey League!
Perhaps when I finish my two current paying jobs, I'll get to work on some monograms :)


Jody Meese said...

How funny! Nadine was my mother's name and though she was born and raised in northwestern Pennsylvania, people always said it sounded southern! Truth be told, my grandmother wanted "Dianne" and when that didn't fly with her family, she rearranged the letters...hence Nadine.

random notes said...

Hi Catherine, it's great to see you adding so much to your blog on a regular basis. Your power point presentation, thanks to your children's help, looks like a work of art in itself.
Love the wedding piece as well. What a great way to stay connected creatively.